Making the invisible visible
The color of the wind (part 2)
Rikuo Ueda, Thomas Reissig, Uli Fischer

Opening Ceremony: Saturday February 11, 8 pm
Exhibition period: February 11 to March 4, 2012
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday 4 to 6 pm

„[Air] is in motion, because it is not of the same temperature and the same weight at all places, am imbalance encouraging its natural wanderlust.” (Olivier Le Carrer)

Between the visible and the invisible the works of Rikuo Ueda, Thomas Reissig and Uli Fischer are immediate witnesses of the wind.

Rikuo Ueda

Rikuo Ueda ‘wind drawing’ 2000, New York

Thomas Reissig 'Nuvola'

Thomas Reissig ‘Nuvola’ 2011

Uli Fischer

Uli Fischer ‘Narcissus’ 2010, video installation