Bettina Mainz, Berlin (Dancing performance)
Saturday March 3, at 6 pm
Sunday March 4, at 6 pm

the Landscape of the Winds
…..but how the winds play the bodies,
how, out of streams of the invisible, a breeze condenses into something explosive,
and how the captured and capturing dance refers to sources and effects,
can –possibly– waft over

Bettina Mainz

Foto: Anne Hille at: KunstStoff:Natur Starkow 2007

Body of Becoming is a dancing practice taking different shapes in studio and nature. Body and motion do not only express the self but also serve as tools of perception and communication. They constitute a language that can develop on stage as well as in the nature or in life. By uncovering abilities we become what we are.
She creates a space wehre the culturally and individually different approaches of all equally form a source like the experience expertise it encounters.
She works with the principle of consequence – simultaneous receptivity and action, hold and release, focus and opening – and allows an artistic expression of a high presence.