“Thermal Noise”

Akane Kimbara, Birgit Wudtke, Lily Wittenberg, Naho Kawabe, Moki, Anneli Schütz

Opening Ceremony March 14, at 8 pm
Opening hours Friday & Saturday 4 to 6 pm

Closing Ceremony April 1, at 8 pm
Thermal Noise Booklet Release and Concert

“Light is the same Omnium with a shorter wavelength; but having a longer wavelength, it appears in form of noise or sound. With my patent I am in the position to stratch light in a way it becomes sound.”
“I see.”
“And when I have locked up a scream in the box with the wires, I can press him until I get heat out of it, and you won’t believe how convenient this is in winter.”

from: Der dritte Polizist („The Third Policeman“), Flann O’Brien

Lily Wittenburg

Today many artists enlarge their room for maneuver by means of different interfering strategies. No longer do they feel obliged to an object-centered art market, but they find or invent operative, process-like forms of cooperation with partners of all social spheres.
The desire of the group to dissolve defined ideas and given parameters is however not as much a conceptual consideration as it is an intuitional refusal. An expression of uneasiness with standardized exhibition practices in white rooms and the conversion of everyday perception into a perception of formal values.

Birgit Wudtke

BeetoBee has been active since 2003 and its members (Akane Kimbara, Birgit Wudtke,
Lily Wittenberg, Naho Kawabe, Moki, Anneli Schütz) generate aesthetic energie from the interaction in an open network. They invent operative process-like forms of cooperation in order to enlarge their operating range as artists.
Besides the virtual gallery in the net six international exhibition rooms have already presented the group.

Lily Wittenburg (Tension)