Sylvie Réno, Claire Dantzer, Emilie Lasmartres and Franck Lesbros show their latest works in the context of this year’s Hamburg – Marseille cultural exchange “Niveau de la Mer” (“Sea Level”.
The new guest workshop at the FRISE facilitates a three-week guest stay in Hamburg. Thereby FRISE continues its long standing interexchange with the gallery du Tableau of Bernard Plasse in Marseille.
Silvie Réno and her precise creations of cardboard are well-known in Hamburg by now. In 1986, she exhibited a reconstructed 1:1 cardboard digger in the warehouse rooms in the frame of the exhibition “Haben & Halten” ( Have & Hold”) in the week of fine arts 1986 in Hamburg’s old warehouse district.
During the Altonale 2013 Sylvie Réno appears even twice, in the frame of the kunst altonale she shows her work in the Altona museum (opening festivity on Thursday, June 6, 2013).

For the exhibition in the FRISE rooms she brings with her three young artists Claire Dantzer, Emilie Lasmartres and Franck Lesbros of a new generation to Hamburg.

Austausch Marseille

„Juste, à flot“ – “Just afloat”.
About the meaning of a comma. If you intend it to read “Just afloat – Juste, á flot“” it can be about a very dangerous project threatening the existence that you keep buoying up against all odds.
Four artists from Marseille, all can swim and have a talent for balance, all are afloat, well equipped with rich ideas and inventive genius, with a strong belief in their future as artists and above aware of the differences between them.
If you change the comma, “Juste à flot – Just, afloat” we know that these four artists can with few means and great enthusiasm survive an expedition and discover entire continents.
I like both phrases, because I know that success is a certainty in the city of Hamburg that has always cordially welcomed me and so does it today.
In Marseille we try to be on the right height (or be it the right depth). Since we have to thank a man from Altona for the invention of the marigraph (an instrument for measuring the tide). The marigraph that shows us the position zero from which both highs and lows are being measured. We wish ourselves a big success in the two cities Hamburg and Marseille and that the lasting memory may prevail that both stay the favourite harbours for arrival and departure and ourselves afloat.

Bernard Plasse Marseille, April 2013

Opening ceremony of the exhibition “Juste à flot”
Friday, June 7, 2013, 8 pm,

Künstlerhaus FRISE, Arnoldstr. 26. Exhibition period June 8 – 23, 2013.
open Friday to Sunday 4 to 6 pm and on appointment.
Phone +49 (0) 40 45 55 14. Curator Sabine Mohr