Wednesday May 08, 2013, 08:30 pm
Free admission (donation welcome)

Kipp/Klammer/Neumann – INS BLAUE (“INTO THE BLUE”)
present improvised music

Marianne Kipp: violoncello, kettledrum, percussion
Robert Klammer: zither, electronics, objects
Helmuth Neumann: trumpet, conch horn

Since 3 years now the Kipp/Klammer/Neumann Trio have stood for an inimitable musical language off the conventional tracks.

Kipp/Klammer/Neumann work with partly manipulated instruments and alternative playing techniques. The collective playing process, sometimes densely woven, sometimes sparse, transparent, often surprising, creates new rooms and – occasionally including commodity items in the employed equipment – also new ways to express.

The Trio’s music is freely improvised, it forms in the instant of playing and is as immediate as volatile. This does not exclude open conceptions.
There is always musical material, a starting point, a direction, – but no destination. Essentially, it is about the playing process as such.


KKN Trio