Yukinori Yamamura & Bonjin Unit (Seira Uchida, Hiroka Shimizu)

Sunday, August 25, 7 pm
„from hand to hand“ – english lecture by Yukinori Yamamura

Opening Ceremony:
Wednesday, August, 28 8 pm
Exhibition period
August 30 to September 8
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday, 4 to 6 pm

August 28, 9 pm and
August 31, 6 pm
„Bonjin Dance interactive“ – interactive performance by Bonjin Unit

Yukinori Yamamura

Yukinori Yamamura

The emotional effect of certain encounters and discoreries relates directly to my artistic expression. Some things happen inevitably by chance. However I still believe that I could materialize my dreams. This would never have been possible alone and I am certain that these things could only emerge with the help of countless people that I met and came to know.
Thus, as the phrase „from hand to hand“ suggests, worls only come to life by the putting-into-the-hands-of-other-people. My artistic formulations therefore are the result of most different processes that I enjoyed to the depth of my heart.

Bonjin Unit

Bon-Jin Unit
„Bon(凡)” means ordinary in Japanese. Our „Bonjin Unit” was founded to be positive and enjoy the dance of „Bonjin” (untrained people).

For the present work we have „corrected“ ourselves with Bonjin gestures from Japan. From it, we created an interactive piece using these gestures.

The title „Bon Odori“ hast wo meanings. Bon(盆) odori is a traditional Japanese dance. Additionally we have adjoined the alternative meaning “Bon(凡) odori” standing for „untrained people enjoying the Bon Odori dance”.

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Torsten Bruch (exhibition organizator)

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