India Week Hamburg 2013

Neha Thakar
„Im Schatten des Hauses, in der Sonne des Flussufers…“ (“In the shadow of the house, in the sunlight of the riverbank”

Opening Ceremony:
Friday, September 13, 2013, 8 pm

Exhibition period: September 13 to 25, 2013
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday 4 to 6 pm

Nehar Thakar
Nehar Thakar

A guest in the residence program oft he FRISE is now –folowing artists from Japan, China, Palestine and Israel- Neha Thakar from India.
Neha Thakar will stay and work in Hamburg fort wo months.
Her oeuvre addresses the metamorphoses of the elements and is driven by a geopolitical interest, a critical sight on our time and the treatment of our planet.
After her art studies at the university of Baroda, Gujarat, she participated in numerous exhibtions in India.
The exhibition in the FRISE will be her first single exhibition in Europe revealing an impressive glance of the present art in India.

Neha Thakar:
“Generally my work relays on a process where transformations ultimately carry certain meaning and value in a specific context.
This process enables me to create myriad visuals within a visual and the changing visual formation creates an illusion which compels the onlooker to participate not as an outsider but to involve with the ongoing process.
The natural tendency of both the mediums; the disintegration of ice and the disseminative quality of smell, the emergence and the divergence and the celebration with natural world explores the fleeting and ephemeral, notions of being and time, and within visual construction process remains as a central interest”.

Coordination: Michael Kress

Kindly supported by the Kulturbehörde Hamburg
Special thanks to Julia Dautel