Grenzwerk 2013

„Fermentierende Versuchsanordnungen / Fermenting Research“

Opening Ceremony:
Saturday, September 28, 4 pm

Opening hours:
September 29, from 3 to 6 pm with coffee and cake

Tripkau – Hamburg – Eindhoven

After their two-weeks stay in the artist residency Tripkau, a former frontier casern near the Elbe river, the Dutch artists Mitchel Breed, Aagje Linssen, Griet Menschaert, Marieke Peters, Cecilia Rebergen, Toni van Tiel, Jeroen Vrijsen, Rogier Walrecht and Marthe Zink present their works in the exhibition rooms of the FRISE.
For only two days the research, interim results and questions of the artists that were produced during their stay in Tripkau are to be seen in Hamburg.
In December the finished works of the painters and drawers will be exposed in the Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven.

Grenzwerk is the 6. edition of the exchange project in der Artist Residency in Tripkau. This year, the Dutch guests were accompanied on a one-day workshop by Hamburg tutor artists (Móka Farkas, Steffi Oyefeso,Dagmar Rauwald, Kristine Schoepflin, Anna Steinert und Neha Thakar) in the Tripkau casern.


Opening Ceremony: Saturday, September 28, 4 pm

Frontier works, talks and interventions: September 29, 3 to 6 pm with coffee and cake

Grenzwerk 2013 is an exchange and cooperation project ofFRISE – Künstlerhaus and Abbildungszentrum, FILTER Hamburg, Artspace Flipside and the Tripkau casern.

Coordination: Michael Kress, Aagje Linssen, Kerstin Niemann and Jeroen Vrijsen

Kindly supportes by the Hamburger Kulturbehörde and the Eindhoven Dagblad.

More information here:
(daily blogs of the Dutch artists)