“Urban, Waste & Nature”
Koos Buist
Sonntag 15.12. um 15 Uhr
mit Glühwein, Kaffee und Kuchen

Ausstellungsdauer: 15.12.2013 bis 8.1.2014
Öffnungszeiten: Fr.- So. 16 – 18 Uhr

General description of my work:
From macro to micro I focus on the ‘everyday’ nature that surrounds us.
I use, often organic, always reused material.
Trying to form a link between art, science and biology.
Video, ‘kinetic’ installations and combinations are the end result.

Koos Buist

UW&N (urban waste & nature)
The Wildlife found between two stones on your doorstep. Hidden life in the far corners of your kitchen. Living from breadcrumbs and soap.
The project UW&N consists of visual research of the (micro) urban nature in/outdoors. To examine if and what their relation is with (street) waste.
The work from Hamburg for Hamburg will be put on the border of the visible and invisible world.
Artworks with and about Isopods, Springtails, Fungus, plastic, stone and metals

For works and project go to www.koosbuist.nl

Koos Buist