Port Journey Meeting

HyperCulturalPassengers presents:

PortJourney Annual Meeting 2016 in Hamburg
September 15th –18th

FRISE Hamburg e.V.
Arnoldstraße 26–30
22765 Hamburg

„And All Of It Is Yours And Mine – so Let’s Ride And Ride And Ride And Ride“
(Iggy Pop/The Passenger/1977)

For the third time artists, cultural activists, and theorists from different countries gather for the PortJourney annual meeting, which will be held september 15th-18th 2016 in Hamburg, Germany, at FRISE Art Center.

PortJourney, an international network for art and culture, will come together in september 2016 in Hamburg for the annual PortJourney Conference. The international meeting of artists, cultural activists, and theorists questions the outdated concept of culture as identity. With an international line-up of an exhibition, workshops, talks, and discussions PortJourney intends to open a forum for an enlarged perspective on culturality in our globalized world.

Founded in 2012 in Yokohama, PortJourney represents an open network of artists and cultural activists with partners in Australia, China, Japan, South Corea, Finland, France, Jordan, Iceland, the Netherlands, USA, and Germany.

Contributing partners at this years conference will be:

Zou-no-hana Terrace /Yokohama, SPIRAL ART CENTER/Tokio,
Halcyon Art Center/Shanghai, The Periscope Project/San Diego,
Forum Box/Helsinki, Frame/Finnland, HaVic/Groningen,
Spring Sessions/Amman, Kling og Bang/ Reykjavík and FRISE/Hamburg

The PortJourney Meeting is being presented and organized by the FRISE Art Project “HyperCulturalPassengers” (HyCP).
Within an international exchange forum, HyperCulturalPassengers explores the figure of the Hypercultural Passenger as an alternative to the fiction of the autonomous ego. The project is set to run for two years.

What’s the meaning of art and culture in a world of simultaneity, a world in which European tourists take a swim in the same waters of the Mediterranean Sea in which refugees, deprived of their existence, drown by the hundreds?
What’s the meaning of identity in globally digitalized times, seemingly without limits for some, while many still don’t even have access to clean water? What’s the promise of the word culture in a world of mobility taking a shortcut by supersonic speed, therefore making distances more and more insignificant and places getting closer, while rich countries build up new borders? What’s the meaning of identity, culture, and art from the Non-European points of view of the East and the South? How can we resignify the ideas of art, culture, and aesthetics in a way that leaves behind identitarian fixations?

Port Journey Meeting


Thursday, September 15th 2016

6 pm Inauguration of the PortJourney Annual Meeting 2016

8 pm Inauguration of the Exhibition

„The Shape Of Things To Come“ with:
Reham Sharbaji (Amman/Jordan)
Klaske Oenema (Groningen/Netherlands)
Jaime Ibanez (Groningen/Netherlands)
Tim Schwarz (Los Angeles/USA)

Freitag, September 16 2016

9:30 am Tracing Hyper Passages / Guided Tours through Hamburg

Within small groups, the tours will follow different hypercultural paths through Hamburg, each one hosted by
an artist, curator, or thinker from Hamburg. Similarities of places, art spaces, contents, and persons
will become hyperlinked and experienceable. Each group will make a video, which is going to be presented in the evening.
(In English, registration required, limited number of participants!)

18:00 Hyper Passengers Cooking

Participants will put their own cultural background on the table at the Cooking Session in the evening.
Flavors from all over the world will blend into something new. Already proven successful:
Bavarian Leberkaes with korean Kimchi.
(Registration required, limited number of participants!)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

9:30 am Conference with Talks, and Discussions of Portourney Partners:
Zou-no-hana Terrace /Yokohama, Halcyon Art Center/Shanghai,
The Periscope Project/San Diego, Forum Box/Helsinki, Frame/Finnland, HaVic/Groningen, Spring Sessions/Amman, Kling og Bang/ Reykjavík

(in English, registration requested )

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Portjourney Network internal Meeting (nonpublic)

For registration please write to: boarding@hyperculturalpassengers.org
For program and further informations please consult:

Press inquiries to: one@hyperculturalpassengers.org

Idea and direction: Michael Kress
Concept: Heidi Salaverría und Michael Kress
Curational Team: Torsten Bruch, Michael Kress,
Heidi Salaverría, and Chrisdian Wittenburg
Logo: Ina Artzsek/ Michael Kress
Editing: Stefan Moos
Graphic: Dodo Schielein

With friendly support of Ministry of Culture Hamburg / Elbkulturfonds