Linked Angles –
Artist Conversations on Cultural Emancipation

Anish Ahluwalia, Andrea Becker-Weimann and Anke Mellin

Exhibition Opening:
Wednesday 08. 11. 2017, 20.00 h.
Open Friday to Sunday, 16.00 – 18.00 h, till 19.11.
or on request:

India Week

The project invites artists from India and Hamburg to focus on the singular cultural perspectives of the other. It investigates a broader concept of culturality, which encompasses similarities and closeness rather than difference and distance. The process of emancipation is being understood as an unconstrained interest in otherness by universally acting subjects. Turning to the other opens the possibility to surpass the immanence of cultural conditioning. This enlarged mentality (Arendt) could be the foundation of a global, hypercultural practice.

In the FRISE-AiR the artists are going to interact and to experience Hamburg as a space of culturality. The interested public is invited to attend a variety of formats, such as exhibitions, Artists-Talks, Food-Converations, and workshops to enter into a dialogue with the artists.

A Cooperation with Westwerk/Hamburg
Thanks to the Arists: Anish Ahluwalia, Andrea Becker-Weimann, Judit Agnes Gallai, Shruti Mahajan, Anke Mellin

Art Consulting: Iram Ghufran
Workshop: Heidi Salaverria
Production: Torsten Bruch
Concept/Curator: Michael Kress
Special Thanks to: Henriette von Enckevort

With friendly support of:
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg –
Ministry of Culture and Media

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