The Künstlerhaus Hamburg – FRISE e.V. emerged from the associations Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V., formerly located in Weidenallee (founded in 1977) and Abbildungszentrum (founded in 1994) and has been operating under the umbrella and name “FRISE” at Arnoldstraße 26–30 in Hamburg-Ottensen since 2003. Besides providing studios and workshops for artists of all genders, the association is dedicated to the presentation and mediation of artistic positions of their time, serves as a platform for constructive debate with and about the visual arts, and promotes artists working in the field of visual arts. Currently, about 40 artists from various artistic fields work in individual and group studios in the immediate neighborhood.


Parallel to the exhibition activities at FRISE, we have established a guest studio (artist in residence) in 2013 to promote international exchange and to deepen existing contacts abroad.


In cooperation with the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, FRISE has been offering since 2014 a two-year living and working scholarship. Since 2016 the scholarship has been supported by both the Behörde für Kultur und Medien and the Edith-Breckwoldt Foundation and is advertised as an Edith-Breckwoldt-Scholarship.

Previous scholarship holders:
Karimah Ashadu (2018–2020)
Ina Arzensek (2016–2018)
Carsten Benger (2015–2017)


• Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.
Christian Kintz (1. Spokesman)
Youssef Tabti (2. Spokesman)
Carsten Benger (Treasurer)

• Abbildungszentrum e.V.
Lilli Thalgott (1. Spokeswoman)
Anke Wiesenthal (2. Spokeswoman)
Nils Hartlef (Treasurer)


A good overview of the history and events in FRISE can be found in our publication FRISE A–Z.
The book can be purchased at the counter during exhibition hours or ordered: info@frise.de