Abbildungszentrum Hamburg

The Abbildungszentrum e. V. has existed since 1994 as a group of filmmakers and media artists. It is both a studio community and a production site for films, radio plays, installations, music theater and other art projects transcending boundaries.

The genres of ABZ productions range from feature and documentary films to ethnographic films, animated films and video art. Mutual support and cooperation characterize the work of the group.

Andreas Theurer, Anke Wiesenthal, Bertram Rotermund, Doro Carl, Elio Wahlen, Eske Schlüters, Hans Helle, Jörn Staeger, Julia Berg, Kirill Lorenz, Lilli Thalgott, Martin Gruber, Nils Hartlef, Sabine Henning, Thomas Schlottmann, Uli Fischer, Ute Storm